Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Sandeep Kulkarni and I am a singer, songwriter, RJ and voice-over artist living in sunny Southern California; SoCal as we like to call it.  

I grew up in Mumbai (Bombay) and was part of the city's rock music scene from 1992-1999. In particular, I was the lead vocals for Mayhem - a  heavy metal band with a wide fan base. During my tenure with Mayhem, we regularly performed at major shows, such as, Independence Rock and IIT Mood Indigo to name a few. We also performed outside of Mumbai at various shows across the country. 

Around the same time, I began singing with a few Hindi groups covering mostly Bollywood and other regional music.  I have been part of a few bands in the US as well while singing a variety of genres in different languages. Currently I am the Lead Vocalist for the SoCal based Band Rusty Rickshaw where we experiment with everything from Rock, Folk, Indie, Sufi, Fusion etc..

I am the owner of Karmik Studios where I do voicer-overs, YouTube covers, record Rusty Rickshaw’s originals and also record many local talents. I love doing live sound and provide the same for local artists.

I am a lifelong learner and have undergone Hindustani Classical training in India, Denver and currently  train online. I keep training myself in Western vocals while watching many greats thanks to everything from cassette tapes to the internet.